The International Center for Human Rights - ICHR : (March 29, 2014- Toronto, Canada): ICHR welcomes UN human rights council’s vote on March 28 to extend the mandate of its Special Rapporteur Dr. Ahmed Shaheed on the situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran for a further period of one year. 

ICHR 20 December, 2013 -  The United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday December 18, 2013 condemned Iran and Syria for widespread human rights abuses but it welcomed pledges by Iran's president to improve in some areas. In November, UN third committee of general assembly had adopted these resolutions.

Senator Linda Frum spoke at ICHR Award Ceremony on November 24, 2013. She delivered her speech addressing human rights situation in Iran. Senator Frum initiated a well-known motion at the Senate in 2012. In early 2012 the Senate moved a motion calling for the immediate release of all unlawfully incarcerated political prisoners in Iran. 25 Senators adopted a prisoner and read their story into the record.