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ICHR, Toronto, June 09 2014 -On June 7th 2014, Iranian singer and songwriter Shahin Najafi was presented with the ICHR Recognition Award at his concert in Toronto for his contributions to the human rights movement in Iran through his music.


The organization’s executive director, Mr. Ardeshir Zarezadeh, Mr. Ali Ehsasi, member of the advisory board, as well as Ms. Jasmin Agheli, member of the executive board, presented the award to the artist on stage.


“Shahin is and has been challenging the Iranian regime through his music over the past couple of years. He has managed to raise awareness on many of the human rights issues currently occurring in the country through his lyrics, speeches and actions,” said

Mr. Ardeshir Zarezadeh.

Ardeshir added “last year, Shahin performed at ICHR’s fundraising concert in support of refugees. We present this award to Shahin because we believe that Shahin, as well as all the other artists who use their voice to defend people’s rights, are standing on the right side of history.”


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