Blue Flower

Hamid Ghassemi, who was under death row in Iran's Evin prison for 4 years, has been released on September 24 and returned to Canada on October 10. Following Hamid’s return, two jailed Canadians in Egypt Dr. Tarek Loubtani and John Greyson returned on October 11.

The International Center for Human Rights: The Senate of Canada unanimously passed a motion calling for Nasrin Sotoudeh’s immediate and unconditional release yesterday December 4, on the same day that Nasrin Sotoudeh broke her hunger strike after 49 days.

We are writing on to express our deep gratitude for your principled decision to sever diplomatic ties with the clerical regime in Iran. Canada has been a beacon of hope for Iranians who for the past 33 years have witnessed Western governments put their commercial and economic serf-interests ahead of abiding by human rights standards.